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Los Aretes de la Luna, the first song of Noches Claras

On December 31, 2019 I set a goal to record my first single, but we all know what happened the following year... Last year, 2022, in November I resumed that project and my dream began to materialize.

Together with Obed Sanchez, I was able to give my touch to some of my favorite songs and give a couple of my compositions a life of their own to start something I decided to call Noches Claras.

Noches Claras, which I originally planned as an EP of six songs that mix my passion for jazz harmonies and Latin rhythms, will end up being a series of singles in which I communicate different facets of my voice, my life abroad, and my self.

One of my main goals in the project has been to focus on creating arrangements that highlight my voice and my own style that I have been discovering over the years. It is no longer a project with a band in which I contribute a little creativity, my voice, and in which I have to adapt to what others want, but a project purely to share my voice and feel like me at all times.

I decided to start with one of my favorite boleros for which Obed did magic and more: Los Aretes de la Luna by maestro Vicentico Valdés. By reharmonizing it and letting me play with the melody, this is one of my favorite songs of the whole project.

For the production of this project, I put myself in the hands of the talented Ariel García who is already working his magic. A few weeks ago I had the joy to start recording trumpets with maestro Armando Trujillo and percussion with maestro Vicente Montes. The piano and bass had already been recorded with Obed Sanchez.

Now I just need to record vocals next week and let Ariel work his magic. I can't wait to share this song with all of you.

Next up is Lover Man by Jimmy Sherman, Ram Ramirez, and Jimmy Davis. A Latin arrangement of this classic jazz ballad, by Obed Sanchez. We also recorded trumpets and percussion and I will tell you more about this and the other songs to be recorded very soon!

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