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Learn to sing in my studio in Guatemala City or Online

My voice lessons are perfect for those interested in singing popular music styles and musical theater. During my lessons I focus on developing both your head and chest voices in order to explore your voice’s versatility and apply it to your favorite styles. The goal is to have a proper vocal technique which you can apply to any genre you love to sing.

Wondering what a lesson looks like? A typical lessons with me will begin with a quick singing posture check followed by 5 minutes of breathing exercises, 5-10 minutes of vocal resonance exercises, vocalization exercises with scales and arpeggios and sometimes a quick repertoire workshop depending on our goals and level.

This is the way I was taught and now teach my students. If you want to learn more about my education and experience take a look at my bio.

Get in touch for more information and to book your first lesson with me.

¿En cuánto tiempo se puede aprender a cantar?

Una de las preguntas más frecuentes que me hacen a mi como cantante y profesora de canto es esta. Muchos estudiantes quieren saber si es posible aprender a cantar en un par de clases o en un corto tiempo. Todo depende...

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