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Amelia was born in Bogota, Colombia among guitars, songs and dances, and probably learned to sing at the same time she learned to speak. She has breathed music all her life and this same music has been her way of expressing herself, letting off steam, creating bonds and living new experiences.


At six months of age she moved with her family to Guatemala City, her second home, before leaving to study vocal music in the USA and Europe. Her life between cultures has led her to find inspiration in the sounds of French music, bossa nova, jazz and Latin American boleros.

Amelia trained in contemporary singing with Maestro Willy Gutierrez and in classical singing with Wendy Zaro-Mullins during her studies at the University of Minnesota. She holds a postgraduate degree in voice pedagogy and technology from UNED and a certification in contemporary voice teaching from New York Vocal Coaching. Amelia currently teaches singing at her studio in Guatemala City and sings at private events along with various musicians and ensembles. 

Vocal music for Amelia has been, above all, a fascinating path of self-discovery. From physically getting to know the potential of her instrument, to facing her fears in sharing something as intimate as her voice. This is why she loves accompanying others in this process of getting to know themselves and expressing themselves through their voice.

Certificado de profesora de canto contemporáneo de New York Vocal Coaching
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